What is SCADA System? An Introduction To SCADA

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The full form of SCADA is “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”. SCADA is a hardware and software application program to gathering on real time and control or analysis this data on remote location in every time. Hardware like as- hard disk gather all information and software process or analysis this information in computer. Now a days every modern industry used SCADA system and received benefit more than enough man power. SCADA system recorder store all data or information in hard disk. It was first used in 1960s.

Used in the Fields :

SCADA System SCADA systems are use for large industrial plant and production purpose. These are-
Oil and Gas industries
Pipe line control
Electric power distribution
Water distribution
Weast water collection
Food department
Petro chemical station
Building management system
Wind farms
Large communication system
Transportation system

SCADA system Importance:

Many types of problem the man power have not protect to large area, but SCADA  system control and monitor these problem in every large area. Supervisory computer system Remote Terminal Unit, Network infrastructure connecting comprises to SCADA. This system is an automation system and allows carefully to response every time automatically from critical scituation. SCADA system also change the settings to operation at the appropriate level of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). Very important part of SCADA system is alarming system. For example- when the temparature is very high then alart these system. SCADA have multiple hardware and software elements. So it is used monitor, control, process data, control machine and record or store any information and data into a long time and log file, so save many time and very easily find out the appropriate problem. Now Some SCADA system are used in homes.

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