What is Internal and External BUS ?

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Computer is an electronic machine. It is made by many different parts. All the parts are connected with many types of cable. These types of cable are known as BUS. The function of BUS is export and import data from one part to other parts.computer bus cable

The classification of BUS is two parts:

  • Internal BUS
  • External BUS

Internal BUS is classified into four parts:

  • Data BUS
  • Address BUS
  • Control BUS
  • Power BUS

The classification of BUS:

classification of bus

What is Internal BUS?

The golden color line on the mother board is called Internal BUS. The golden color lines are link between different parts in the mother board.

The Internal BUS is classified into four categories:

  • Data BUS: Data Bus is used for the processed data or instruction despatch to output device. So these BUS are help us display, listing, print any processed data or instruction.
  • Address BUS: This type of BUS selects the appropriate position of memory where store the data and accept or supply the data from this place.
  • Control BUS: This type of BUS curry any signal from the CPU and synthesis the many parts of computer like as- printer, mouse, keyboard, disk drive etc.
  • Power BUS: This type of BUS is used for the power supply to different parts of computer.

What is External BUS?computer bus cabel

The different types of slot from mother board connected with Internal BUS. The Internal BUS connected with the External BUS and synthesis the all parts of mother board. So different types of USB (Universal Serial Bus) cables are External Bus.

Why using the computer in modern society?

Without computer the modern society is totally fail form any develop. The computer is used for the place of:

  • Scientific Research
  • Publication Work
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Administration Work
  • Education Purpose
  • Entertainment Purpose
  • Business Purpose
  • Information Communication System
  • Medical Science
  • Manufacturing Purpose

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