What is a Computer Virus?

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The meaning of VIRUS in computer language is “Vital Information Resource Under Size”. Computer Virus is bad program for every computer. Virus enters from external sources in the computer memory and spoils the important files and data. Computer Virus exhausted any virus attacked computer. Virus is a harmful program that it copies any software in itself and wasted this software. The scientist Freud Kohen were christening of Virus. The first computer Virus was computer virusCreeper. The first Virus invents in India was “Happy Birthday Joshi” in Jun-1990. ELK Cloner was the first Virus which was attacked the personal computer. When attacked Virus to any computer then the speed of computer is very slow sometime this computer faced to hang. One time enter the Virus in any computer memory after this virus spread and possession the all computer memory. Then all the important file open and run the computer is very delay.

Types of Virus:

Day by day invents new virus in the world. Discus various types of virus are given below –



    • Resident Virus: – These types of Virus attacked at first primary memory (RAM) and stay permanently. Then possession all the memory and disturb the function of memory. So file open, shut, copy, rename etc functions disturb by Virus. The example of Resident Virus are- Mrk Lunky, CMJ, Randex etc.
    • File or Program Virus: – These types Virus spoil the software’s system files like as .com, .sys, .exe etc. The example of File or Program Virus are- Cascade, Acid Rain, Trojon, Sunday etc.
    • Boot Virus: – These types Virus attacked hard disk or floppy disks boot sector and damage the master boot program. The first boot sector Virus is Brain. Boot Virus attacked the boot sector and disturbs booting. The example of Boot Virus is- Disk Killer, Stone Virus, CIH, PolybootB, Friday 13 etc.
    • Macro Virus: – Macro are present that application program file, these application program file attacked by Macro Virus. So these file are corrupted. The example of Macro Virus is- W97M, Relax, Y2K, DVM etc.
    • FAT Virus: – These types of Virus attacked to FAT (File Allocation Table) and spoil all the file from directories. The example of FAT Virus is- Link Virus.

    Virus spread by the following these media:

    These are-

    • Down load any file by Internet and e-mail.
    • The data transmission between external hard disk, floppy disk, CD, DVD, pen drive etc.
    • Data transmission between a computer to another computer to same Network.
    • Used to duplicate software.

    Users understand that his/ her computer will be with a Virus. Precautions:

    • Virus did not enter or destroy file when installed the Anti Virus.
    • Always use up dated Anti Virus.
    • Computer start without floppy disk to floppy drive
    • Scan the all system by Anti Virus.
    • Used Internet very carefully.
    • Unnecessary free software do not used better.
    • Low level format to Hard disk in a year.
    • Unknown attachment file do not open from e-mail
    • Always read only program open for .com and .exe extension files.
    • Carefully used external CD or DVD.
    • Carefully used pen drive.

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