Memory in Computer, Types of Memory in Computer

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At first we have to know what is “Memory“. Where we can store a lots of informations or data, is known as Memory. The memory in computer is the primary storage of computer. There are two types of memory below,-
1) Primary Memory
2) Secondary Memory

What is Primary Memory?

It is the part in which the temporary storage of data and program to accept from Input device & refers to the total capacity of the computer to store data. Shutting down the computer it will erase all the storage data. It divided into two main parts-
1) RAM
2) ROM



What is Secondary Memory?

This part is present outside the computer system and it is a permanent storage media. Here we can retrieve the program and data, when we required them in future. It divided into two main parts.

  1. Magnetic Media
  2. Optical Media

1. What is Magnetic Media?

This type of memory made by Magnetic Oxide and coated with metal. Here we can store a lot of information or data.

Example of magnetic Media are:-

  • Hard Disk
  • Floppy Disk

Definition of Hard Disk:

It comprises of a metal disk coated with Ferrous Oxide. This disk is known as Platter. Every disk has a Re-write head. Hard Disk can store more data than the conventional floppies they have the capacity that range from 10 MB (Mega Byte) to 40 GB (Giga Byte) and higher. Now, the capacity of Hard Disk is 320 GB to 1 TB (Tara Byte).


Definition of Floppy Disk:

Floppy Disk is a thin circular disk is made of flexible plastic coated with Ferric Oxide. Now we are used this Floppy Disk their size are 3.5 inch and they have the capacity 1.44 MB. Now a day’s rear used the Floppy Disk.

memory floppy disk

2. What is Optical Media?

We can read and write the storage data by using Leaser light, this type memory are known as Optical Media.

Examples of Optical Media are:-

  • Compact Disk (CD).
  • Digital Versatile Disk (DVD)
  • Blue Ray Disk

Definition of CD:

“Compact Disk” is the full form CD. It is used for permanent storage data or information. Philips & Sony companies were first made the CD in 1987. 780 nanometres red leaser used for read the CD. CD can be divided into three categories.


  • CD-ROM:- This type of CD’s content only read but can’t be written into. The example of CD-ROM is all movies CD, MP3 CD, all Software CD etc.
  • CD-R:- This types CD are write only one time but read more time. This type of CD’s is known as “Non Rewritable CD”.
  • CD-RW:- This types of CD are write & read more times. This type of CD’s is known as “Re writable CD”.


Definition of DVD:

“Digital Versatile Disk” is the full form DVD. DVD like as CD and the storage capacity of DVD more than CD. The storage capacity of DVD is generally 4.7 GB to 17 GB. Here we can store more than one movie.


Definition of Blue Ray Disk:

Blue Ray Disk is like as DVD but the storage capacity of Blue Ray Disk is more than DVD. It is used to store HD-Video, Video Game & large data or information. Blue Ray Disk name came from “Blue Violet Leaser”. Here we can use 405 nanometres Blue Violet Leaser light. The storage capacity of Blue Ray Disk is 25 GB.

What is Cache Memory?

The important part of computer system is Cache Memory. The speed of accept data is equal to CPU. So Cache Memory is attach to CPU then the seed of computer is very fast.

What is Flash Memory?

Flash Memory is a one type of data storage drive. This drive connects the computer by the Port. The example of Flash Memory is “Pen Drive”. The Flash Memory are available in 1 GB to 64 GB.


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