Introduction to Internet and History

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Before starting the Introduction to Internet, we should know the meaning of Internet, is Inter-Connected Network. The Internet is a large type of network where are connected much number computers. Internet spread the whole world and data transmission any location from the world. The Internet is a system, now our society used mostly for the data transmission speed is very fast and expenses are very chip. Many types of small network connectivity build a large type of network.

This type of large network is called the Internet. The Internet has a huge amount of data or information so every teaching institute, school, college, Govt. Office, corporate sector data transmission to each other very easily. By the Internet now a day’s every information collection from an own house. the Now more than 500 million people have used the internet for various reasons. The most important features of the internet are that it can be accessed from a computer from anywhere. Internet are used around the world for investing, shopping, download and listen to music, watch movies, take a course, access educational material, entertainment and leisure such as online game, magazines and vacation planning guides, access others computers and exchange files, share and edit documents with others in real time, photographs, provide information, audio and video clips etc.

internet connection- Introduction to InternetHistory of Internet:

The Internet has been first time used by the US Defense Department (Pentagon) in September 1969. The Internet was launched, which was to work as a network that allows scientists and military personnel to exchange information in a war scenario without disruption in communications. That time this internet is called ARPANET. The full form of ARPANET is Advanced Research Project Agency Network. This network was used to communication with all the University who are helping to US Defense Department. So great benefit of using ARPANET to researchers, electronic mail to share information, ARPANET underwent phenomenal growth. ARPANET had more than 1000 individual computers linked as hosts in 1984. At first, ARPANET used to only few University which is connected to Defence Department but after the Pentagon permission all University to used or connected this network.  Then the network is called the Internet.

The basic requirement for connecting to the Internet:

Used for the Internet some particular devices are necessary. These are following below-
A computer system
A modem
Telephone connection
Web Browser

Types of Internet connection:

Two type of Internet connection. This are-
Dial-up connection
Leased line connection

Dial-up connection:

This type of Internet connection connected with a telephone line. A computer, telephone line or a modem is necessary to use this Internet connection. Any Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives Internet Account and password for use this Internet connection. Two type of protocol used in the Dial-up connection.

SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol)
PPP (Point to Point Protocol)

This Internet connection we don’t use any month so we are don’t pay for this month. At present, this internet connection connected with Broadband so get high-speed Internet. But a major disadvantage of used this internet connection that we don’t both work, one is tale communication and another is used the Internet.

Leased Line Connection:

Leased Line Connection connected with cable from Internet Service Protocol (Rented Connection). This type of Internet speed is very fast that region this internet connection used in the field of Govt. The sector, Corporate sector, IT sector, Insurance companies etc. Leased line connection leased or rented for one year. This type of Internet connection’s data transmission speed is very fast from 1.5 Mbps up to 43 Mbps. End the leased time and then renew this connection for used.

Uses of Internet:

Day by day increase internet used in daily life. Now a day’s Internet used to everywhere. This place are-
In Education: – Important data collection for research and educational purpose. At present every school, college, University used internet for admission purpose. Some service examination is held on online by using the Internet and get a result by the Internet.

In Business:  Now a day’s E-commerce system popular to used in business. The Internet carries very important part our business. Like as- collect Rail and Airlines tickets, booking a hotel, pay Life Insurance premium, pay the electricity bill, telephone bill etc.

In Treatment:  Any patient contact to Doctors, hospital, nursing home from any place in the world. Important suggestions collect from Doctors by using the Internet.

In Entertainment: Listen to music, watching movie and playing game by using the Internet. Tale and video conference by using the Internet.

In our daily life:  Data transmission from any place to another place in the world by using E- mail. We declare our own decision by using social networks (like as- twitter, Facebook, blogger etc).


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