Detailed Programming Language

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Writing the instructions using set of words, symbols, calculation and codes, these formal computer languages are known as Programming Language. Computer is an electronic machine, so it doesn’t solve any problem without accept any data. The accepted data process in the CPU. A series of commands for using solves any problem are called Program. There are different types of language used for computer programming, like as- BASIC, Java, Pascal, C, C++ etc.

What is Programming Language?

Programming Language is a language that it is use to write computer program. The example of Programming Language is – BASIC, Java, Pascal, C, C++ etc.Programming Language

The classification of Programming Language:

Programming Languages are classified into two major categories.

  • System Programming Language
  • Application Programming Language

Definition of System Programming Language:

All the system software is written by System Programming Language. These types of system software are written by System Programming Language it helps to link between user and computer hardware & software.

Definition of Application Programming Language:

  The Application Programming Language are used for to build any Application Program by user.

Application Programming Languages are classified into two major categories.

  • High Level Language
  • Low Level Language

What is High Level Language?

         The High Level Language is written a program by using English word and arithmetic symbol. High Level Language make it easy for programmers to develop and maintain program. In addition to being easy for programs to read and use. These language are used for solve any problem of business, science etc.

The example of High Level Language is-

  1. BASIC
  1. C
  2. C++
  3. LOGO

The advantage of High Level Language:

  • This type of language is written by English so we are read clearly.
  • Write a program by using High level Language very fast.
  • This type of language is very easy to write any program.


The disadvantage of High Level Language:

  • High Level Language slow from Machine Language
  • Machine didn’t understand this Language without compiler.



What is Low Level Language?

         This type of language converts to machine code any source code. Computer normally read this language without compiler. So it is easy language to computer. The example of Low Language is Machine Language.

The advantage of Low Level Language:

  • Machine understands this Language without compiler.
  • Computer normally read this language so don’t take many time for write a program.


The disadvantage of Low Level Language:

  • Necessary to many machine code
  • Many problems to write a program for this code.
  • It depends on machine.


What is Assembly Language?

         Assembly Language is a language between Machine Language and High Level Language. Write a program by Assembly Language using some code. It is also called second generation of programming language. All code is connectivity called Mnemonic. This language does have more advantage than machine language. There using a series of bits (1s and 0s).

The advantage of Assembly Language:

  • More than easy from machine language.
  • Computer easy understand this language so machine can work fast.


The disadvantage of Assembly Language:

  • This language depends on machine.

Assembler is necessary for write a program.

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