Introduction & Definition of Computer

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To elaborate the Definition of Computer first need to know the origin of the word computer. The ”Computer”, word came from Latin word “Compute”. Computer is an electro mechanical device which can accept data from external sources, process through them in CPU & the processed data give us through output device. Computer accepts data, we known as this device is Input device. Like as- Key Board, Mouse, DVD ROM, scanner, Joysticks, Touch Screen, Voice Input, Audio Input, WEB Cams, Digital Camera etc. Computer gives result or processed data, we known as these devices are output device. Like as- Monitor, Sound box, Printer, Video Card, Dot-Matrix, etc.

Storage Devices:

We can store data, information and instruction for the use in future. The example of storage devices are- Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, External Hard Disk, Smart Card, Pen Drive, Cloud Storage, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM etc.

The route of computer is “Abacus”.

Abacus:- It is a first counting device in  the world or one type of calculation method. This process first used by Chinese before five thousand years ago. The same type of device used by Japan, it was called ” Saroyan “.

Charles Babbage“ is known as the father of computer.

charles babbage on Definition of Computer

He was a math professor to Cambridge University. He invents “Differential Engine” (one type of counting device) in 1822. In 1833 he modify this machine by sum, subtract, multiply, division, rote & percentage and build “Analitical  Engine “.

In 1944 the scientist Hardword  A. Incan  invents self electromechanical computer, known as “Mark-I”. It had 3000 switch & take 0.3 seconds for any summation & 4.5 seconds for any subtraction.

More on Definition  of Computer:-

Who is the Inventor of New Computer?

“John Von Neumann” is known as the inventor of new computer. John Von Neumann invents ‘EDVAC’ in 1952. The Binary Number System has first used in this computer (EDVAC).

The Full Form of Computer

We are using computer in different fields of works but the computer’s every letters have their own meaning. So with the Definition of Computer, it is essential to know about the letters of computers. The full form of computer is below-

C- Commonly

O- Operative

M- Machine

P- Particular

U- Used

T- Trade

E- Education

R- Research

Generation of Computer

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First Generation- (1945-1955), used Vacuum tubes.

Second Generation- (1956-1964), used Transistors.

Third Generation- (1965-1975), used Integrated circuits.

Fourth Generation- (1975-1984), used Chips.

Fifth Generation- (1985- now), same as Fourth Generation.

The Function of Computer

The function of computer can be divided into four flowing categories-


Advantages of Computer

The advantages of computer are given below-


Disadvantages of Computer

The disadvantages of computer are given below-

  • Lack of intelligence
  • Need suitable environment
  • Need non fluctuating power
  • Need to learn special language

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