Classification of Computers

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Classification of Computers

Nowadays computer is a very essential gadget for everyone in different kinds of field. Generally computers have some abilities to store different kinds of program files & application and it also can help us to do some hard work in single moment. So, it is used in different fields of works. That is why, we can classify computer depending on their performances and speed. According to their uses and their performances computers are classified in three types. Classification of Computers :

  1. Analog Computer
  2. Digital Computer
  3. Hybrid Computer
  • Then the Digital Computers are also divided into four types. They are
  1. Micro Computer
  2. Mini Computer
  3. Main Frame Computer
  4. Super Computer
  • The Micro Computers are also divided into three types. They are
  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Note Book



@ Classification of Computers

Analog Computer

An Analog computer works by measuring rather than counting the process. Analog computers are not easy to use. They are used for specially scientific and engineering application. Like as- Measuring the up and down of the electric voltage.

Example- Slid rule.

analog computer

Digital Computer

Digital computers work with digits. In other word a digital computer is a counting device. Computers are known as two numbers 1 and 0. The meaning of 1 is ‘ON’ and 0 is ‘OFF’. These computers are general in use. Digital computer is much faster than Analog computer. Digital computers are used for word processing, work shop, office, school, college etc.

Features of Digital Computer:

1) These computers work on depending on ‘Mathematical and Logical’.

2) This type of computers understands the ‘Machine Language’.

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computer is one type of computer which combines both the features of Analog and Digital computer. The speed of Hybrid computer is very fast. It is mostly used in the fields of Hospital. Hybrid computers measure Heart Beat and Blood Pressure.

Example:- Robot is one type of Hybrid computer.

Micro Computer

Micro computer is at the lowest end of the computer range. Micro-processor used in these computers for Central Processing Unit. It is also called PC (Personal Computer).

 Features of Micro Computer:

1) Lowest end of the computer range.

2) Smaller than other computer.

3) Low memory capacity from other computer.

Uses of Micro Computer :

This computers are also used in the field of Teaching, Accounting and entertainment.

micro computer laptop

Mini Computer

Mini computer performs better, large in size and costs more than Micro Computer. The Mini Computer is a computer whose processing speed is also many time faster than Micro Computer. Multi processing and Multi user are used in Mini computers.

Features of Mini Computer:

1) Costly machine than Micro computer.

2) These computers are used in Computer Aided Design (CAD).

3) It is a multi user computer.

Uses of Mini Computer:

This computer used in the field any production unit laboratories.

Main Frame Computer

Main Frame computer is faster, more powerful and more sufficient than Mini Computer. They are operated in very high speed, have very large storage capacity and support more than hundred of users at a time from different location.

Features of Main Frame Computer:

1) Very large size. Like as a room.

2) This computer works with large storage information.

Uses of Main Frame Computer:

Air and  Railway service.

Super Computer

Super computer is the faster, most costly machine and it considered a national resource. The first Super Computer in India is PARAM 2000.

Features of Super Computer:

1) High speed and self dependent.

2) This computer work with PICO second.

3) More than one processor used in this computer.

Uses  of Super Computer:

This computer are used in the fields of Weapons design, Space research, Atomic research etc.

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